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Face Masks And Face Coverings

Discussing the History, Science, and innovation In Mask Wearing

History Of Face Masks and Face Coverings

Early 17th Century Face Mask Doctors Wore Face Coverings for Plague protection

Early 17th-Century Face Masks
Wearing face masks and coverings dates back to the early 17th-century plague epidemic, back then it was thought that disease spread through bad smells and wafted through the air. This particular design of face mask was used so they could stuff dried herbs, spices and flowers in the beak. The thought was that the smell of the herbs, spices and flowers would prevent the "Bad Air" carrying the disease from infecting people. Read the full article here.
We at Mii innovations are sure glad that science has progressed and technology has allowed us to manufacture a product that isn't this intrusive. 

Modern History (1918 - Spanish Flu)
In the 1918 pandemic of the Spanish Flu mask wearing was highly encouraged and there were public health campaigns promoting mask wearing for the masses. The idea behind mask wearing was to prevent microscopic fluid, droplets, and foreign particulates from traveling between people. There were campaigns like 'Wear A Mask And Save Your Life', or 'Spit Spreads Death' these campaigns we're directed at increasing the adoption of mask wearing. Read the full article here. Many people didn't like the idea of wearing a mask but the public health campaigns worked to increase the awareness and politeness of mask wearing. Many of the these ideas stand true today, we wear masks to prevent the spread of disease. When in public places and interacting with other's we should keep in mind we don't know their medical history and it would be impolite to ask. So in a polite way face masks and coverings keep all of us safe by keeping the most vulnerable safe.

Science Of Face Masks And Coverings

The Science behind why face masks and face coverings work isn't new knowledge. It's been understood for decades and longer. For example, when we we're kids our mothers would tell us 'cover your mouth when you cough' why would we be told this at an early age. It's because germs can become aerosolized and travel/hang in the air when we sneeze or cough, and droplets can become deposited on surfaces nearby. When germs are in the air or germs are on surfaces around populated areas those germs can spread. These best practices have protected us from spreading common flu colds to one another. A face mask helps keep germ particles contained and isolated in the face mask. The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization both agree that face masks and face coverings will help reduce the spread of viruses that can cause serious harm to the populations of the world. Read the CDC article here. The WHO also has great information about mask wearing on their website here.

The Mii innovations Science

Mii Innovations Face Masks contain two distinct layers of protection and comfort. The first layer that sits against your skin is comprised of a Bamboo Charcoal fabric. The second layer is a Sanitized Actifresh polyfabric with a unique Sanitized coating. Below we highlight the benefits of each layer. 

Sanitized™ Actifresh Outer Fabric Features

Mii Innovations Science

Learn all about the Swiss Companies Sanitized™ Fabrics

Bamboo Charcoal Inner Fabric Features

Mii Innovations Science

Learn All About Bamboo Charcoal Fabric

The Mii innovation Difference

Mii innovations has nearly 20 years of textile and consumer products experience and we've put those many years of expertise to work designing products that help you in your every day life. We've targeted our expertise on face masks and face coverings benefiting you the consumer. We have three different models of face masks, the Mono, the Duo, and the Comfort Loop. The unique features of the Mono are that it relies on a singular strap around the back of the head instead of pressure around the ears. The Duo has two straps one around the back of the head and the second around the back of the neck, again keeping the pressure off the ears. The most popular option is the Comfort Loop, this uses two long strings that attach at two points on each side and can be tied together in the back as a way to keep the mask around your neck when not in use. Browse all of our products and find the right fit for you.

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